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Photography gives me the opportunity to create something new and unique - with every photo shoot. It's a collaboration - at best I can give some rough pose description, but it's the model that takes that description, interprets it, molds it, and morphs it into something amazing.

I have found photography to be a great opportunity to meet and work with amazing people - both in talent and in personality. It is incredible what some photographers and models have done outside of the modeling world! The models never cease to amaze me with their talents beyond the artistic and creative expressions you can see and feel from their images. It is also no less than amazing to me great photographers are so will and eager to share their knowledge and ideas with me. I am grateful to both!!

Am I a professional? Depends on your perspective, I guess. This is for enjoyment, a hobby if you will. It's an expense for me (just like golf would be if I was a golfer). I don't charge models - most often quite the opposite. I do believe I am very professional in how I deal with models and photographers, and often assist in the behind the scenes work for some local workshops (as a volunteer). I'm 59 years old, married, and certainly know how to treat people (thank you Mom!)

As I continue to add to this site, you will see the same models with shoots from different times. Yes, I do seem to work some of the models time and time again. I think the second and subsequent shoots are often much more productive than the first. I think it also says something about how I treat models, I think you will find I am comfortable and even fun to work with. Feel free to check with any model I have worked with for references.

Over the years (been shooting again for now about 7 years, I guess), I find I shoot fewer frames and get better results. I work at a relaxed pace, and never push a model. Need a break, that's fine. I'm on time (not really true, usually early) - and respect others' time.

OK, enough of that. I live in Forest Hill, MD, and if you would like to work with me, let me know and we'll see what we can work out. Shoot me an email.

Thanks for reading and for looking at my images!